Inita and Vitauts Straupe

Inita and Vitauts Straupe are amongst the best-known of Latvian jewellers and authors of the jewelry in this shop. They make copies of ancient Latvian, Baltic and Scandinavian jewelry using traditional motifs and symbols for their up-to-date designs.

Their works are featured in the collections of many Latvian museums and they have participated in exhibitions in Latvia, France and Spain, as well as Expo 2000 in Germany.

They have also represented Latvia at the Smithsonian Folk Life Festival in Washington D.C. and at the Baltic Festival in Stockholm.

Additionally Straupe family regularly takes part in Medieval Festivals, for example, in Cesis (Latvia), Gotland (Sweden) and Estonia.

The two jewelers have opened two art-galleries called Tornis, one in Turaidas Castle on the first floor of the Sightseeing Tower and the other in Old Riga opposite the entrance of St.Peters church. Also they have participated in creation of online shop .

Many of Inita and Vitauts designs are in the collections of such well-known people as Latvian president Vaira Vike-Freiberga, Hillary Clinton, Finland's president Tarja Holenena, Denmark's queen Margareth II, Ireland's president O.Grimson and his wife, Latvian politican Vaira Paegle, leader of the folk band Ilgi Ilga Reizniece, leader of the band Mumij Troll and others.



Ieva Straupe

Ieva is the person who manages all the orders and daily work of this shop, creates marketing campaigns and answers to your questions and e-mails. Also she is the marketing manager in art gallery Tornis in Old Riga.

She had graduated from Riga State Gymnasium No1 and now is doing business studies.

Ieva was taken part in many festivals and events like medieval festivals in Latvia, Estonia and Gotland (Sweden), celebrations Riga 800 and Cesis 800.

Some of her hobbies have also connected with work like hot air ballooning (also you can order a flight here), also the downhill skiing is the thing she enjoys.
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